I'm Marcela, welcome to MRPR

I knew even at the age of seven that words were powerful. Words had put my father in jail as a political prisoner in my birth country of El Salvador. And words – those in letters from Amnesty International – had freed him.


Recognising the need to protect their children my parents chose to emigrate. I arrived in Brisbane in 1989 with only three English words: ball, blue and orange – which I knew could be both a fruit and a colour. That was it. I wanted more.


Over 25 years later, Brisbane is still my home. I have made a family and a rich life here in the leafy suburbs. And along the way I have shared and strengthened my love of words both English and Spanish. I have won public speaking awards, dissected what it is to be part of a diaspora, and used words to gently befriend and support children healing from trauma. Every day, I see the power in words to lighten someone’s burden or lighten the mood. I choose my words carefully but am also known for my movie quoting, yarn spinning ways.


This is my invitation to you, come with me and together we can find your words – the ones that connect you, free you, bring you joy, help you create a place to belong no matter who you are or where you have come from. Welcome to my place: where words rule.

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