The Courage to be Joyful – The Merrymaker Sisters

December 22, 2016


How powerful is mindset? There are many people who have life’s basics covered, but who are still predominantly stressed and unsatisfied. In the pursuit to buy happiness or receive it from others, we often neglect the value of working on our mental strength, and the capacity we have to be positive and grateful. It can seem almost impossible at times to be positive, and it’s certainly not possible (or healthy!) to be happy all the time, but what if more of us shifted our mindset towards the positive things in our lives? This episode’s superstar guests answer this question. The Merrymaker Sisters finish 2016 for us on a sparkling UP note, and set the scene for a blissful 2017.


In this interview:


We discuss how two sisters who were successful government workers (the Merrymakers themselves, Emma and Carla Papas) acted on their intuition and ran away to join the food circus.


What impact a real and sustainable healthy lifestyle had on their bodies and minds.


How they turned their newfound feel-good lives into a business.


How they deal with the idea that only stressed people who push themselves to the limit are serious professionals.


What we can expect from The Merrymaker Sisters in 2017.


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